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앵커 4
파란아이가 태어났다.
파란 엉덩이, 풀풀풀~
심드렁하니, 마루에 뒤뚱뒤뚱
고즈넉한 뜨거운 바람이
짓무른 아이엉덩이에 옴팡,
고로케 바람맞으러 나왔노?
걔가 그리도 방긋 웃었니?
아이야, 그건 풋사과란다. 
아이야, 솔깃, 여나무 풀이?
잎새를 열고 고녀석하고서,
온다. 그 저녁에 그 틈으로
​바람불면 걱정되어 빨래넌다.
​Training Life


aha! It's a great experience, even if it's like this, it's a picture that's nothing, so the eyes and immortals come and go in my eyes day after day without change, anything becomes anything, anything is talked about, it's the best apprentice in the world. Let's take good care of this picture and our mind and observe and play with the world. Hear even the dragon trim of the freshman in the middle of the break, and the awakening comes naturally. This and that is enlightenment, so listen to it all and write it down so that you become my disciple. What I have enlightened is the mental law, do it all and live.

Dori Dori?

where? What if a organ sounds? carry it on your back?

Mother, "Huh? Korean teacher!"


And the back corner skirt makes me cry.

"Why? Are you fiddling with your hair like that?"

"I don't know? What are you doing?"

"Let's see Fabre's insect diary"

And, look at formic acid and, uh, look at bombworms?


"The Disinfection Truck is Coming"

"Let's turn off the lights and pray, uh! It's quiet"

"Should we remember? If you whisper at this time, you can hear it"

"Where is your father?"

​I still walk that road.

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